There are many artists with the name EDDA. 1) Hungarian EDDA EDDA is a highly successful Hungarian melodic/hard rock band formed in 1974 under the name EDDA Művek. The word művek (works) symbolizes the band originally starting off its career in Miskolc, a typical Central European industrial city also dubbed as Steel City EDDA's catchy, melodic rock tunes and touching ballads primarily focus on the social and emotional life of youth. Love, loneliness, alienation, friendship and spirituality. The band performs more than one hundred shows annually throughout Hungary and surrounding Hungarian communities around the Carpathian Basin. However, the energetic and inventive musicianship that EDDA's known for, is best reflected through their dynamic live performances. Band Members * Attila Pataky (vocals) 1978-present * Zsolt Gömöry (keyboards) 1985-present * István Alapi (guitar) 1986-present * László Kicska (bass) 1992-present * Zoltán Hetényi (drums) 1997-present * György Csapó (drums) 1978-1981 * István Slamovits (guitar) 1978-1983 * László Zselencz (bass) 1978-1983 * Alfonz Barta (keyboards) 1978-1983 * László Fortuna (drums) 1982-1986 * János Kegye (saxophone) 1983 * Tibor Gellért (guitar) 1985 * Tamás Papp (drums) 1986 * Endre Csillag (guitar) 1985-87 * Gábor Mirkovics (bass) 1986 * Tibor Donászy (drums) 1986-1997 * Tamás Gay (keyboards) 1983-1985 * Gábor Pethő (bass) 1986-1991 ...

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