Eddie Dunstedter

I would like to start out with how humbling it is and how proud I am to give any and all of you the Information on my Grandfather. Although I believe he was born on August 1, 1905 (but need to check with mother ,his daughter to make sure of that) He did pass away unexpectedly in 1974 and there isn't a day go by where we don't all think of him. He was Playing Organ for Congregations I have been told when he was 5 years Old. He was a most Amazing Musician and Mentor especially for me as I am also a Musician. (i thank him for that talent ) He was playing Organ for the Silent Film Stars in the 20's and in the Thirtys and Fortys he was Paving his Career out all over the United States and was Known as the Worlds Greatest Organist. He DIrected the Army Air Corps Band at the Hollywood Bowl in the mid 40's. He signed on with RKO also. I have Boxes and Boxes of Newspaper clippings of all the Who's Who in Hollywood about him and the Concerts the Tours and all the wonderful things he was doing. By the 50's he was signed with Capital Records and was doing TV Shows and doing at least one album a year until his death. He was always flying out for his Concerts when I was Growing up in the 50's and 60's. He and his wife (my grandmother )Viva and thier Children (my Mother Dodie and my Uncle Eddie Jr,who by the way are still alive and well) they used to live in the Famous Lamida House in North Hollywood. They Truly had Quite a Lifestyle going on, They had a Butler, A maid. a Cook and a Nanny...

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