Eddie F

Eddie F, today a Top Slovenian house DJ & producer got in love with music at his early age. Six years old he entered musical school and finished it with distinction at age of thirteen. The usual attempts to form some permutation of a garage band with his friends & schoolmates soon follow, but somehow it all never escalates beyond the garage walls. Few years later Eddie experienced the first wave of new world phenomena – electronic house music. Almost instantly, his fate is signed – that genre shall become his means of musical expression.. His first serious DJing experience happened, when  he graduated from a minor club on the Slovenian coast to one what was then considered to be one of the top national venues. Nova Gorica's Odeon club, where he and a small number of other DJs performing (and partying) side by side quite literally paved the way in this part of the globe for the house & electro scene. Later he got employed on national radio as sound technician. By capitalizing on his work experience within the media and on his formal musical education, Eddie starts to kicks off his very own music production. Things run smoothly, and pretty soon his masters are being licensed to or released by labels such as “Cool running”,” Loud bit”, ”Sounds good”, ”Matrix music”… A plethora of unmistakeable indicators that he was definitely on the right (sound)track!!! In 2004 Eddie founded his own label : F-recordings. All five releases made it to quite extraordin...

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