Eddie Gale

Eddie Gale (b. 1941, Brooklyn, NY, USA), is a jazz trumpeter. At an early age, he recalls listening to gospel and blues, with his family. As he remembers, This was the beginning of my music career. I often participated in neighborhood singing groups where I developed a fondness for vocal ensembles. Gale joined the marching band of the local scouting troop. There he learned to play the horn and marched in parades for many years. His early jazz education included trumpet lessons from the great KENNY DORHAM and others as well as serious woodshedding. There were many after-hour jam sessions where he had the opportunity to sit in with such musicians as CEDAR WALTON, WILBUR WARE, ART TAYLOR, ART BLAKELY, MAX ROACH, JACKIE MACLEAN, ILLINOIS JACQUET, SONNY STITT, CECIL PAYNE, MATTHEW G, SCOBY STROMAN, WYNTON KELLY, RANDY WESTON, WILLIE JONES AND PIANIST ERROL CLARK (who knew GALE from the BOY SCOUTS marching band). I remember spending many hours with my friends who were into jazz music and we would listen to all the recordings that we could get our hands on. This is where I fell in love with the different trumpet styles such as LOUIS ARMSTRONG, ROY ELDRIDGE, CLIFFORD BROWN, KENNY DORHAM, MILES DAVIS, DIZZY GILLESPIE, CLARK TERRY, ART FARMER, WEBSTER YOUNG and BOOKER LITTLE, and developed a fondness for HARRY JAMES, DONALD BYRD, LEE MORGAN, BLUE MITCHELL, FREDDIE HUBBARD, CHET BAKER and BILL HARDMAN. In the circle of musicians who I developed around, it was important to know how to ...

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