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Eddie Gomez was born in Portland, Oregon. As Eddie worked to sharpen his guitar skills, he also polished his performances. He began gaining popularity in his hometown through gigs at bars, nightclubs and other venues. Due to Eddies immense following, lines to his performances wrapped around buildings, with many establishments offering standing room only to customers. From that point on, Eddie knew he could make music his career. With the desire to take his music to the next level, he left Portland for Los Angeles. Immediately, Eddie began entering songwriting competitions across the city. Early on, he was widely recognized as the fresh face with the big sound. Word about his performances traveled fast, and soon he was introduced to music mogul and multi platinum music producer Steven Bud'da Anderson. Anderson liked what he heard, and they started to refine Eddies already unique sound. Soon after they began collaborating, Eddie was asked to write, With You, and, The One, for the sound track to the film Get It Tight for Mr. Right in 2006. In 2007, he was asked to play lead guitar for the theme song to the Disney Channel show As The Bell Rings. He also began writing and producing music for beginning artists utilizing insight he gleaned from Bud'da. The most important thing Ive learned from Budda is that something good can be taken from any song or musical style, Eddie said. This teaching is evident in the evolution of his rich layers of sound and beat. He draws inspiration from ...

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