Eddie LeJeune

Eddie LeJeune (August 20, 1951 - January 9, 2001) was an American cajun accordionist. The son of influential Cajun accordionist and songwriter Iry LeJeune, Eddie LeJeune was only five years old when his father was killed in a tragic automobile accident. Although most of his knowledge of his father's music came from old 78 rpm records, LeJeune has successfully continued his family' s great musical heritage. A native of Ardoin Cove, a small town near Lacassine, LA, LeJeune retains few memories of his father. In the liner notes to his 1998 album, It 's In The Blood, he recalls sitting on his lap and doing a few things, like him riding his bicycle on a cloudy day. Much of what he's learned about his father came from his maternal grandmother, Adelina Blanchard, an accordion player who regaled him with stories as a youngster. Picking up the accordion at the age of six, LeJeune felt a natural affinity for the instrument. Within two years, he was proficient enough to become a regular performer at family gatherings, barbecues and house dances. He started out playing at parties and local dance halls on Saturday nights. LeJeune released his first album in 1988, and released 2 others records in 1992 and 1998. He was a member of Eddie Lejeune & The Morse Playboys and worked with D.L. Menard, Terry Huval, Hubert Maitre and Ken Smith. LeJeune has continued to focus on the traditional styles of Cajun music. While his debut album included four original tunes, the remainder of the album was...

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