Gosia Andrzejewicz

Gosia Andrzejewicz - born in Bytom on the 14th of January 1984. At a very early age she performed for many school academies, took part in national talent shows and won over 30 singing competitions. Her first major success came with the release of her debut album: Gosia Andrzejewicz which featured such hit songs as: P?zw?l ?y? (Let Me Live) and S?owa (Words). The album was a huge commercial success earning her a gold award for sales. S?owa was also released as a single and became hit record of 2006 and remained on national Radio station playlists for almost a year. As a result Gosia was awarded the prestigious prize Z?oty Dzi?b given annually by a major national radio station for the category: Discovery of the year. Her next album; Lustro (The mirror) was met with so much excitement that she made the cover of almost every Polish newpaper and she was featured on the covers of many popular magazines. Lustro also achieved Gold Record status and Troch? ciep?a (released as a single from the album) reached 7th place on the Summer Hits list of Rmf Fm, (Poland’s popular radio station.) Gosia was subsequently nominated in three categories of Poland's music events. The Eska Music Awards 2007: Artist of the year, Pop Hit of the year and Radio Debut of the year. Winning Radio debut of the year. She received the prestigious publicity awards Super Jedynki in two categories: Debut of the year and Vocalist of the year and: Fryderyki (Polish Grammy Awards) in category Debut Of The Year....

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