Grabesmond was formed in 1995 by Protector and Peter Kubik (both are involved in well-known Austrian black metal bands). They released a limited demo titled In schwindendem Licht. The reason why they formed Grabesmond was because they wanted to experiment how to create emotions, and dark atmospheres besides the scene they were mainly involved in. But because of lack of dedication they split up after a few months. In 1996, when Lucia-Mariam F?routan came to Austria, Peter told her about Grabesmond and she heard the demo, and because Lucia was very interested in starting a band, she decided to resurrect Grabesmond, but with a new line-up, and as well the aim to break the vein of the previous demo release, and to enter other musical paths. In spring 1997 a kind of advance tape with a few selected songs were recorded and sent to Draenor Productions, and a few weeks later Grabesmond signed there, and recorded the debut CD Mordenheim in October 1997 at Tonstudio Hoernix. Mordenheim offered a kind of very unique, yet strange and non-typical material no one really expected to be released. One can describe Mordenheim as mystical, medieval, avantgardistic and classically influenced, not really to be linked to any scene or music genre, because of it's various spectrum of art which Grabesmond's debut unfolds. After a break of about one year the recordings for a new album began in early 1999. Xenoglossie was recorded during 9 days at Tonstudio H?rnix and it shows a step into a more '...

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