Hammock is an American musical project of composers Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson from Nashville, Tennessee, USA; formed in 2004. The project initially developed out of informal recording sessions between songwriting projects, and at present the band is a leading light in instrumental music with a unique, atmospheric sound that effortlessly melds elements of ambient, electronic, post-rock and neoclassical. With no agenda, expectations, or even intention to release music, guitarists Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson began getting together as a way of letting the sounds inside of them find their way out into the open. Byrd describes it this way: There are times when the need to create a thing begins to interrupt your life. And if you don't give in to it, everything else starts to suffer. After about a year of sporadic sessions, Byrd and Thompson began to gather up all of the recordings - which were strewn about on everything from cassette recorders to hard drives to two-inch tape - and were surprised to discover that they had around forty pieces of music. Out of this pool of songs came their 2005 debut Kenotic, which introduced audiences to their densely textured aesthetic and shimmering guitar-driven compositions. Theirs is a unique sound - it is “sleepier” than the often-brash crescendos of their post-rocker cousins, drawing from the ethereal minimalism of Stars of the Lid and reminiscent of 80's Brian Eno and Nick McCabe of the band The Verve. Byrd and Thompson describe it...

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