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Bio Life‘s Edge was formed in the summer of 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania by six young musicians commited to playing dark, but passionate music, containing influences from many different music styles and gloomy aspects of life. The band was born from a project of Viktor Filimonenko (vocals) called ‘Unspotted Tears‘. During their first years LE struggled to find a sound that would suit every member of the band. Also from time to time there were changes in the line-up, that led to months lost trying to find suitable replacements. Bassists changed once, while guitar players changed twice. Also a viola, which was originally one of the instruments used in LE‘s music was eventually left out. Some demo recordings were made in 2011 in MuzLab studios for a band battle. An old version of ‚‘Left in Despair‘ and a really doomish single ‘Enjoy the Taste of Death‘. The young doomers participated in 3 band batlles in which they made 4th place twice and 1st place once. In march 2012 Life‘s Edge released a debut EP called ‘Left in Despair’. Recorded at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and released under a small Latvian label ‘P3lican’. The five-song album had good reviews and some gigs in Lithuania and Latvia followed. Although, when things seemed better than ever, the band had to part ways with their second guitar player Mindaugas. But there wouldn’t be darkness without light. A few sad moths later LE was joined by Rostislav Apuchovskij and new things ...

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