Life In Balance LIFE IN BALANCE Combining sacred tradition with leading-edge technology. Steven Sciulli – World Flutes and Synthesizers. Shakuhachi, Concert Flute, Bansuri and Electronic Wind Synth. Ami Sciulli – High-frequency and Quartz Crystal Bowls, Percussion. Life In Balance is a Pittsburgh-based nationally touring and recording duo committed to merging sacred musical instruments and current technologies to create a transformative, integrated sonic environments. Two key components of our performances are Sound Healing Meditations which focus on the inbreath, and Dance/Music Concerts through hypno-global rhythms (focusing on the outbreath). Since 1998, we have been touring consistently - from Anchorage to Key West; from the Delaware beaches to Denver and cities in between. Life In Balance has a strong nation-wide following. May 2010’s Long Wow Tour took us across the country from Florida, along the deep South, into Santa Fe and over the Rockies. Finishing in the Midwest, we played and connected with nearly 1000 people during our four-week trek. For over a decade, we have grown and cultivated our audience and added venues by connecting with liked-minded groups and individuals throughout the country. Our success is measured by the connections we make with the listeners not only our CD sales. Life In Balance music is heard all over the world. We are in heavy rotation on rad...

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