Life Sentence

1)Life Sentence, there was also a Hardcore band named Life Sentence from Chicago, Illinois that existed during the mid-1980's as well as numerous others which can be found on Myspace...including a band made of schoolgirls. 2)Life Sentence are a 4 piece Metal-sing-along outfit from Gravesend, Kent. They've been tearing it up for about 5 years or so, gigging about, finding their feet and perfecting their sound! They had recorded demo's before, but not like this one. One of the tracks, Violence is a Virtue got airplay on XFM & Radio1. The band have also been featured in Metal Hammer, and they were featured on the CD that comes with Rhythm drumming magazine. They've played a lot of gigs together and it shows, they captivate audiences with their energetic live performance. This band love to play live and it really shows when it goes off on stage. They have made 4 CDs. These are Painkillers Needed E.P (released, March 2003), D.N.A (January 2004), Chaos Theory (January 2005 - a demo like never before) and they have recently recorded their debut full length album Doctor Death and released it at the end of 2006. It shows a progression for the band, as it is a lot more aggressive and straight to the point. However, sadly they decided to break up sometime in March 2007 and played their last gig at the Red Lion in Northfleet on the 30th of March. 3) Life Sentence from Albany, New York playing hardcore punk music. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Cr...

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