Life in Black n' White

Yep, Im Nate. Nathaniel Matthew Raposo. Born and raised behind the shitty metaphorical walls of Rhode Island. I am 16, and currently repeating my junior year, until I have my parents sign some papers. I was clinicly diagnosed with a Social Anxiety Disorder, and a Major Depressive disorder in around 6th grade, so about 11 years old. I have trouble doing normal activities that involve people, so I stay inside. Thats where my depression comes in. Honestly though, I wouldnt change it for the world. My problems are what make me unique and help me write music. If im upset, or happy, I put it into a song. I have had a guitar for about 5-6 years now, but have only been seriously playing for about 4-5 years. Currently rockin an Ibanez, and using the MXL 990/991 mics to record. I havent been singing for very long, maybe about a year, so I need work. Im completely comfortable with myself though. I have tried to work in bands, but im sure you can realize, it diddnt work out too well with my anxiety. I get so stressed around people, I cant write very well. So, therefore id have to write at home, and bring it to practice. Problem is, most people would think im trying to control the band. I am NOT lock that. For the most part, im a very calm, laid back individual. I love. I Hate. Music is how I express myself. I NEED an outlet Read more: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Com...

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