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LifeLine Productions' Founding Purpose To present the Gospel message and Biblical truths in an entertaining, thought-provoking form, with the aim of planting seeds in the hearts of those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, and to challenge and encourage believers to a stronger walk with their Lord. LifeLine Productions' Founders Kirt Kisling and Larry Lapeere began creating radio spots together in 1983 and founded LifeLine Productions in 1988. LifeLine Productions’ humorous messages can be heard on over 1000 Christian stations throughout the world. They are known as the “Comic Strip of Radio.” Their humorous scripts deliver a message that is direct and described by many as hard hitting. Larry and Kirt met while volunteering at a local Christian radio station. Kirt had written a script to promote the station’s newsletter and bumper sticker and asked the station manager for the names of a few people who could voice the scripts. Larry was one of the people he suggested. Larry had a few bumper sticker script ideas of his own, which the pair eventually produced. They discovered that they both worked for the same large electronics company in town and a friendship now spanning almost 3 decades began. Larry lives in Santa Rosa, California. He attends Redwood Covenant Church where he is active in children’s ministry. Larry is the voice of Amazing Alan and almost any character named “Frank,” which is his father’s name. Kirt also lives in Santa Rosa with his wi...

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