1) Lifecycle - New School Hardcore One of the few H8000-bands that didn't play the typical H8000-sounds... New School hardcore with female vocals... The band was started up by Steve Noyelle, together with Vincent Merveille (SOY, Kingpin...) They started up in '96... The band had a lot of trouble with Line-up changes... (Always the drummers and bass-players...) Original Line up was: Steve Noyelle: Guitars, Karel Deweerdt: Guitars, Vincent Merveille: Drums, Sofie Vantomme: vocals, Jurgen Degryse: Bass... The last line up was with Tim (Empathy) on Drums and Jelle Dobbelaere (Jay D. and the family) on bass. When Sofie deceided to give up SXE but still wanted to continue Lifecycle, Steve deceided to quit the band... Because of his quitting, the band split-up, they couldn't continue without him.... Vincent Tetaert, who used to drum with the band for a couple of years still plays Hardcore music (Amen Ra...) Karel and Sofie don't play music anymore... Steve still plays his guitar, more acoustic (DADGAD)... The band has always been compared with Shortsight... Later on people also linked the band to Purusam, Convinced, Iron Maiden... The band has never been a real H8000-styled band, and never wanted to be... They just did there own thing... They had a 7-song MCD released on Sobermind Records called Forever...Until... Before the split-up they had been working on a whole bunch of new songs, more technical and the best songs they've ever written... sadly those songs've never be...

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