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All of these tunes are available at Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster! :) Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting Lifer Studios. As you can see, my name's Jeff and I've been a musician since about 1985, I was born in Marshfield, Wisconsin to my mom Bonnie and my dad Jerry. After a couple years my parents split up and we ended up living in Lakewood, Ohio for 14 years. In Lakewood, I attended McKinely Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Horace Mann Middle School. About half-way through eight grade, my mom moved my brother and I back up to Minocqua, Wisconsin where I finished out my middle school years at MHLT Elementary. High School was great. I went to Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua, Wisconsin where I really was able to build on my love for music. I had a strong love for playing drums for most of my life, but over the years I found a love for and taught myself how to play guitar, keyboards, and bass. I later found that the instrument I played, has a direct relation to the genre of music I play. For instance, in Breaking Free my guitar influences are very rock sounding, whereas all of my other tracks in which I primarily use keyboards, are mainly New Age in nature. All of the tracks on the Spirit Journey album were composed on keyboard, with the exception of Breaking Free in which I recorded live rhythm guitar and is my first attempt at playing lead as well. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Lifer Studios, is that I can't readily ready music. Each ...

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