Lifeseeker is a rap group. We don't speak too much about our aims and philosophies (similar to ninjas), we just put them into effect and let the gears of change take their course. If ever there was a time for you to buy this cd, it is now. If you wait, you may die before you get to hear this in its entirety for the first time. Each track is a combination of a fantastical world love, meeting cold hard reality, as an atom being smashed into it's smaller elements and creating something extremely hot. Disclaimer: Some members of lifeseeker (almost all of them in fact) are former members of the group Donut Productions. Donut productions recorded a number of seminal rap/hip-hop works in the early to late 90's including: The Shady Side of the Donut (Cassette tape) and $19.95 (CD for the mowax label). Donut Productions also recorded the song Wirecutter for the Heads 2B compilation on the mowax label. Point one is multifarious, and we must break it down for analysis: Lifeseeker does not claim to be Donut Productions and does not perform their material or represent their philosophies in any way. Still, when listening to lifeseeker you may wonder where ideas as bugged as these have emanated from, and so the genealogy is put forth. Commentary on donut productions is present to a certain degree within the songs of lifeseeker, but it is not so completely derisive as to constitute lawsuits or other forms of retaliation. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Cre...

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