Lifetime was rooted in the New York/New Jersey hardcore punk scene & formed in New Brunswick, NJ, USA (1990). The band's founders were Ari Katz (vocals) & Dan Yemin (guitars - also of Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and Armalite). In contrast to the negative, sometimes violent, tone promulgated by New York hardcore contemporaries - Katz's lyrics emphasized more positive / personal themes, in their two-minute songs. In 1992, Lifetime released their first full length album, Background, which bore only passing resemblance to the more melodic work to follow. By 1995, the band achieved greater stability, with the addition of Pete Martin (guitar), David Palaitis (bass) & Scott Golley (drums). That same year, they released their second album, Hello Bastards (Jade Tree Records). This marked a slight shift in direction, incorporating more melodic punk leanings, over a driving hardcore tempo. Katz's lyrics, though sometimes undecipherable, dealt mainly with more introspective / personal themes, such as relationships & youthful disaffection. Hello Bastards also includes a cover of Hüsker Dü's '80s It's Not Funny Anymore - hinting at the band's musical influences. In 1996, Lifetime issued a compilation of their 7 releases and unreleased songs, on Glue Records, also released in Europe by Day After Records. In 1997, the band completed its third full-length Jersey's Best Dancers. With twelve songs clocking in at under 24 minutes, Jersey's Best Dancers continued in the same vein as Hello Ba...

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