There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Lift was a critically acclaimed indie rock band based in Atlanta, 1995 - 1999. Band members included Molly Bancroft (vocals, guitar), Simone Simonton (drums), Julie Clark (bass). Meimo Sato later replaced Jule Clark. WIth extremely varied backgrounds, their genuine passion for the music is the same. They toured with Guadalcanal Diary, Wild Colonials, Marvelous 3 and The Indigo Girls. They had an established and loyal following especially in Atlanta. Their last EP was September. 2) Lift is an acoustic rock band from Germany, founded 1973 in Dresden. Nowadays very popular for their live appearances with the fascinating voice of Werther Lohse and the violin string lady Yvonne Fechner. Lift is part of the live combination of three famous east-german classic-rock-bands STERN COMBO MEISSEN, Electra and Lift called SACHSENDREIER. 3)Lift were an American symphonic progressive rock band formed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972 by Chip Gremillion (keys), Cody Kelleher (bass) and drummer Chip Grevemberg. With the addition of guitarist Chris Young and singer Courtenay Hilton-Green, the band recorded their first album, Caverns Of Your Brain, in 1973. Most of the band members around the time of this recording were only about 19 years old. The band relocated to Atlanta, seeing a shift in lineup that include...

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