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LIFTED crew, another Mad Mando creation. After his departure from Insolence and Maverick/Warner Records, LIFTED blasted out of San Jose California in 2001. They have been booking tours and playing shows ever since. These four close-knit friends and family members came together in the hopes of transforming the music scene today, by concentrating on catchy hooks, memorable verses, and being close and loyal to their fans. Through LIFTED these guys are able to touch the world on a spiritual level through their music while bringing their message to the forefront of the open-minded. Their unique blend of reggae, punk and rock music along with catchy melodies and choruses incorporated into a touch of hip hop, is brilliantly utilized to balance out their signature sound. Their goal is to write forever music; members Derek aka Positive D (Vocals) Freddy Vega (guitar), Mad Mando (drums), and Drew Down (bass) work with great passion on making that happen time and time again. This passion has created what their music has evolved into today: a new driving force of four gifted, aggressive friends ready to take on the world with the intention of spreading their universal language of music. After receiving local, national and international recognition following their debut album, LIFTED is concentrating on spreading their message nonstop around the world. With their latest release and by far their best, “FREEDOM” LIFTED brings new musical motivation and talent to the table, proving once ...

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