Tired of playing the same old songs and desiring something new, Peter Black sought out to find other musicians he could form his new sound with. It was in Fort Worth that Black met bassist Cliff Wright and guitarist Kenny Hollingsworth, both veterans of the North Texas scene. After one rehearsal, a.k.a. drinking beers at Wright’s place, the three had fleshed out all of Black’s solo material, as well as several new songs. Soon thereafter they connected with drummer Aaron Hass and Lifters were born. For the last year Lifters has been canvassing I-35 North to South from Norman to Austin and everywhere in between. Finally, in summer 2007 they booked Producer/Engineer Jordan Richardson of Oliver Future to help track six songs at First Street Audio in Fort Worth. The originally-intended-as-a-demo outcome was much better than expected. Lifters were off to California to get their tracks mixed with Adam Lasus, the production wizard behind Yo La Tengo and Clap your Hands Say Yeah. The jaw-dropping result is the six-song EP, Switchblade Waterpistol. Switchblade Waterpistol is thirty minutes of hooky and unique indie-pop gold. Singular in that through its radio-friendly sheen you can hear the lonesome twang of Uncle Tupelo paired in perfection with the raspy heartbreak of Pete Yorn. They don’t exactly wear their influences on their sleeves, but if you dig deep enough you’ll find what makes these songs meaningful. Somewhere between soul and heartbreak you’ll find the soun...

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