There are at least two artists with the name Liger: 1) liger is a one-(and-sometimes-more-)man project of 25yo Dino Spiluttini, who also has his own LABEL and furthermore releases music and plays live gigs as yeah pretty boy, bruspi, duran durandom (and some more). he is currently living in vienna, austria. just so you know. october 2005 marks the official debut of liger, with the release of his first EP the infra-ordinary on his own fabulous netlabel primarily planned as another side-project, liger evolved into a time-consuming monster that took control over its creator. liger's music is based on self-made-percussion, computers and cheap string instruments from ebay. his microphones are ridiculously big and unaffordable though. sometimes people help out with more expensive gear. these people who have supported him so far are: -christian schroeder/graf herzogin(doublebass, melodica) -princess lea (glockenspiel, accordion, vocals) -stephan leeb (trombone, trumpet) currently he is being assisted by the unbelievably talented gernot scheithauer, who is supporting him live and in the studio by playing drums/percussion, glockenspiel, vibraphone, children's accordion and casio keyboards. amazing guy! 2) Liger: an indie-rockband from Rotterdam - The Netherlands At the end of the summer 2005 Wouter and Dennis met for the first time at ...

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