LIGERIANA is a vocal and instrumental ensemble directed by Katia Caré (who have previously collaborated with e.g. Ensemble Perceval and Gérard Zuchetto), and founded in 2000 in purpose of exploring the mediaeval repertoire through all of its forms. The members of ensemble are skilled in the interpretation of music from all the great historical periods; they are fully trained in a variety of disciplines: singing, drama and theatrical arts, instrumental playing and teaching. Since their first recordings dedicated to Iberian traditional music and their numerous tours throughout the Europe, the group was to gain much critical acclaim. Ligeriana’s most recent release is “Carmina Carolingiana”, a collection of Latin poetic works from the eighth and ninth-century court of Carolingians (Ligia LIDI 0202251-13), distributed by Harmonia Mundi. Discography: 2001 – Scala Dei: Codex de la Chartreuse Scala Dei. Tarragona – XIIIe siècle (Jade 198 089) 2002 – Iberica – Polyphonies sacrées de la péninsule ibérique – XIIIe siècle (Jade 198 988-2) 2004 – Bela Domna: Nobles Dames et amour courtois. Solistes: Katia Caré et Gisela Bellsolà (Jade 301 681-7) 2005 – De Amore: Polyphonie française du XIIIe siècle. Le Manuscrit de Montpellier (Calliope CAL 9360) 2006 – Le cœur mangé: La Légende du premier trouvère, Le châtelain de Coucy. Solistes: Katia Caré et Perre Bourhis: chant – Guillaume Edé: récitant (Calliope CAL 9528) 2008 – Chansons de Toile: Bel...

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