Light Coorporation

LIGHT COORPORATION The LIGHT COORPORATION band's performance combines music with projection of visual clips. Ten parts of the composition form a suite, which in its entirety makes up a single story; the ingenuity of its form allows for improvisation and experimenting with sound during live performances. The combination of Progressive music of the 70's with the Experimental Music, Free Jazz & Avantgarde, ushers the audience into a unique climate of the band's music. The interaction of sound and image along with build-up and change of mood (from heavy guitar riffs to silence), impels the viewers to create their individual interpretation of the message. The point of this material is to build up tension, puzzle and persuade the audience to ask questions; as the LIGHT COORPORATION states, what matters most is not the music or the projection itself, but what someone feels and discovers during the performance, the process which the story triggers in the audience. The projection of the visual materials, which is an inseparable element of each concert, is being mixed live each time. Its spirit evokes the climate of independent documentary films: the projection shows various images, events and people from all over the world, featuring fragments of contemporary materials as well as the ones of old, i.e. archives rejected by the TV censors of the Communist regime in Eastern Europe. Recorded by parents of a befriended producer, the materials present the snapshots of Communist Russia fe...

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