Light In Babylon

Light in Babylon is a multicultural Istanbul-based band that has turned heads in the city with its original music that speaks to all cultures and languages. In a span of few years, their fan base grew miles beyond Turkey. Their songs are in Hebrew, but the themes are diverse. Michal Elia Kamal, the singer, is Israeli of Iranian origin; Julian Demarque, on guitar, is French; and Metehan Çiçi, on santour, is Turkish. Praised by fRoots Magazine as “A celebration of the cosmopolitan traditions of both Istanbul and the Sephardic Jewish community and another example of the great music that is coming out of the Eastern Mediterranean right now”, Light in Babylon brought to the world scene their first official album “Life sometimes doesn’t give you space” in 2012 and on November 2016 their new second album “Yeni Dunya” (which means in Turkish – New World). Their project is the fusion of different ethnicities and cultures with the strength and openness of their youth and the various musical influences they have, they intuitively created a original colourful blend of their inner voices with flavours that would carry the imagination on a travel trough the Middle east and beyond. What became the core trio of the band met in 2010 in Istanbul. Michal Elia Kamal, would writes lyrics, and arrangement and composition would be made by the trio including Metehan Çifçi (santour) and Julien Demarque (guitar). The trio now performs on stage with the support of two other musi...

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