Light Light

LIGHT LIGHT is a marriage between sleazerockers zZz and folk noir minimalists Saelors. Their shared love for trippy low-fi instruments and psychedelic sonic experiments gives a new meaning to the term super group. Established halfway through 2011, their debut EP can be expected soon. It all started not so long ago when the two duo’s ran into each other at night in the Amsterdam Museum of History on a exhibition about the red light district. After convincing zZz’s organ player Daan Schinkel to sing along in the male humming choir for an acoustic Saelors show, a deal was made. Between the old Dutch paintings, in the cold alley of the museum, they secretly made a plan to record ‘Fox or Deer’ -zZz’s favorite Saelors song- together. No strings attached, they would meet each other the next weekend to lay it down in Saelors’ rehearsal space. That would have been it if lightning did not strike in the middle of the recording process. After long hours of tripping out not only ‘Fox or Deer’ but the unexpected ‘Guru’ sneaked in to join the feast. After two days of mad music making and two tracks recorded, a new band was born. Their love for psychedelics, trippy low-fi instruments and traveling experiments earned both duos a reputation in the underground music scene. In this new formation, Ottenheim’s deep low voice blends in with Duvekot’s fragile singing, lead on by Havens’ razor-sharp guitar riffs and Schinkel’s mad organ playing. The four band members ...

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