Light Up the Darkness

Edgy and hard-hitting, yet soft to the touch, this female-fronted band knows how to rock! With their self-titled, debut album, Light Up The Darkness produced and recorded by Travis Wyrick (Disciple, P.O.D., Spoken, The Letter Black, Pillar, etc...) they are ready to make a statement. They want the world to know that Jesus loves everyone no matter what they have said or done. The uniqueness of this group starts with the aggressive, eclectic style that you would not expect from a family band and continues on to include their ability to relate to all walks of life. Randy and Amber (parents) and lead guitarist Paul (Samantha's husband) come from a background of drugs, alcohol and an immoral lifestyle. Through Christ, they were able to have victory over all that and start life anew. As a result, their children were raised differently. Homeschooling the girls allowed them the flexibility to reach out to hurting people on a full-time basis. They strive to help people reach their fullest potential and overcome social, economic and spiritual limitations. Through a Free Store ministry and a youth and community outreach Freedom, they volunteer and serve as stand-in family. This isn't just a volunteer position-this is a lifestyle. Light Up The Darkness, the Free Store and Freedom all serve a purpose and work together as one. The band has committed to abandon their lives to pursue this goal no matter what the cost. The true message of hope is why they step on stage. We don't water down...

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