Light in Your Life

From Uppsala, Sweden comes the five man strong indie-rock band Light In Your Life. Elements and influences of shoegaze, darkwave, post-punk and post-rock give them a sound just as beautiful, intense and tragic as they in a hypnotic way enchant the listener with their psychedelic and dark pop-pearls. A band combining the best from the 80's and 90's with their own original expression. BIOGRAPHY Started back in 2005 by the two brothers Johann and Oskar Bernövall, André Hammarstig and Ilian Afsahi as a way to fight the endless boredom life was built upon. In those days under the name Sleazy Romance. In 2006 the debut album Sleazy Romance EP was recorded with the producer and Jeniferever frontman Kristofer Jönson. Erik Nyberg joined the band and they did several of bizarre shows all around the Uppsala and Stockholm area (often with 2-3 people in the audience). During the following summer the EP ”No Spark” was recorded in a strange garage and the interest of the band started to grow. They did more shows in Uppsala and Stockholm but also in other parts of Sweden as Ulricehamn and the famous little town Hultsfred and this time with a small loyal fanbase coming to see the shows. In May 2008 the German netlabel afmusic released the two EPs as a digital compilation named ”No Spark (extended)” together with two demo-songs recorded by the band showing what was about to come. During the winter they started to work with the agency NM and headed in to the studio to recorded th...

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