Light the Fuse and Run

Light the Fuse and Run drank a lot of beer and sometimes played shows. The band existed from the summer of 2000 until the fall of 2003 and released a full length LP (Exotic Fever), a three song EP (Golden Brown), a split EP with Hot Cross (Level-Plane/EHP), and a split LP with Transistor Transistor (Level-Plane/EHP). Fuse played hundreds of shows across fourty three states and thirteen countries, including an overwealming 99 date tour in the summer of 2003. This tour was the culmination of the band. The band played shows in almost every single American city. The first show was played in a basement in Richmond Virginia for 30 kids. The last show was played in a different basement in Richmond Virginia for 40 kids (many of whom were the same). The show was broken up by the police after three songs. Since then, members went on to form The Setup, Au Au, No Omega, and Wow, Owls! Three studio tracks destined for a LP on No Idea, and a live concert from The Netherlands were never released. Contrary to what was written on the Level Plane website, Light the Fuse and Run was never guaranteed anything with No Idea Records, only a couple of short emails were passed back and forth between the band and Var from No Idea concerning a possible split with Holy Mountain while they were in Europe. Obviously this fell apart after the band returned from Europe only to play a few shows and quickly disappear. Since that time a CD was released by the now defunct We Are The Label entitled Fire Sale...

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