There is more than one artist with this name. 1. Lightbulb is an alternative rock band from Savonlinna, Finland. The current lineup consists of Ville-Eemeli (vocals, guitars), Roope (bass) and Teemu (drums). 2. Current solo music project for local DIY facilitator Paul Childers: he vocalises, plays guitar, percussion and mouth organ on his latest EP release, Transition. Previous incarnations of Lightbulb consisted of 4 members. Now there’s a 3-piece format for live gigs. Many thanks to John Peters and Andrew Kendall for song inclusions, & Dave Jackmanson, production duties. Paul’s wife, Mary-Anne ably contributed to cover art. Thanks also to local institutions such as Triple Zed, Ric’s, Rave Magazine, New Farm Park, and Visible Ink. Lightbulb is a organic/experimental blues project from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Lightbulb likes to sample noises from around the house: Frypans, spoons, steel bowls and cake tins, birds, TV, cars, people. Lightbulb's favourite albums are: 1) Disintegration - The Cure 2) Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan 3) Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd 4) Recurring - Spacemen 3 5) Dirty - Sonic Youth 6) Zuma - Neil Young and Crazy Horse 7) Get Ready - New Order 8) OK Computer - Radiohead 9) Birdville Sessions - The Bird 10) Grace - Jeff Buckley Lightbulb was also...

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