Lightless Moor

Biography: Lightless Moor, gothic metal band from Sardinia (Cagliari), was born in 2001 and now presents a new line up and a new repertoire. The band was founded by the singer Ilaria Falchi and by at the time singer Ignazio Pinna (Verbo Nero) who, enchanted by the atmospheres created by bands like Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Within Temptation, started to look for some prepared and creative musicians. The first who joined the project was Matteo Rampi, ex drummer of Spleen Bedside and Dracona (Milan), a short time later followed by Federico Mura, guitars and vocals, both at the moment engaged in Kether, black metal band. Giovanni Loi and Gabriele Masala joined the band as guitarist and bassist. Giovanni Mancosu (Foxi Studio) at the keyboards is also the sound technician of the band. Within 2003 and 2004, Lightless Moor faces their first live experiences, then the band line up suffered some changes. At the end of 2004 Roberto Mura entered the line up as new bassist and with the other components contributes to define the stylistical direction of the band that enrichs its inspiration with several influences, metal and not, derived from the different backgrounds of the involved musicians. In 2005 Lightless Moor devotes to other projects as poetry meetings and acoustic live performances, guitar and voice, characterizing these events with its music and its arrangements. Then the band decides to linger over the recording of the new songs and this project kept busy the components u...

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