Lightmare was founded 1991 by five friends who finally got a chance to become musicians. They started with lead vocals, 2 guitars, bass guitar and drums. Shortly after its foundation the idea came up to record their first 3 track demo tape called “Lightmare” After 1 ½ years progress the second guitar was replaced by a keyboard and the need for another demo came up. According to that in the middle of 1993 another demo tape was recorded called “Certain Death”. Because of the relative high demand it was released on CD as well. The title should reflect that everybody on this earth has to die but the way we live has consequences beyond death. In regards to Lightmare’s musical development “Certain Death” documents for the first time the influences of classical music. In 1993/1994 members changed but this didn’t have any impact on the band in regards to its activities.Due to the fact that the band still didn’t have any signed contract with a record label Lightmare decided to record their second CD themselves. It was released 1994/1995 called “Vampires” . The musical style remained, however the melodies matured. The reactions to the CD were immense: positive reviews and following interviews of and for US and European magazines (for example Heavens Metal, Metal Crusade, Heavy oder was ?, Rock Hard). In the December 1995 Lightmare won a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal competition in Offenbach / Germany and participated also in a big competition of a Southern German ...

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