During his youth,Nhar spent his time to listen to metal music and playing drums in various bands. Later, he discovered electronic sounds throug industrial gothic and noise stuffs and naturally it lead him to start spinning records of electronic music. A few times later, he is seduced by the meeting with the electro and minimal german scene (Kompakt, Bpitch Control, Sender, Dial…) and the ingenious electronica of labels like Warp, Mille Plateaux, Schematic, Tigerbeat 6… With Kevin Scherschel, he founded the 22 Crew project and they released two EPs (Rikarbi?re Ep and Clarke Ep) on the supernice imprint from Marseille, Modelisme Records. In collaboration with Jennifer Cardini, the 22 Crew produced a remix for the globally active dj Electric Indigo on her own label Indigo-Inc and then the Egal Ep on the hype berlin label Dirt Crew. Beside the 22 Crew, nHaR is working on his own eponym solo project and he released during fall 2005 the Adrenochrome Ep on the swiss minimal killer label, Plak Records. The new Ep Hexoflip on mobilee was released on march 2006. nHaR’s music could be described as a mix between low minimal wounded grooves and abstract melancholic but funky and groovy tech/house sequences. About the stage side, nHaR is still deejaying various kind of records after 7 years behind the decks, and since 2005, he’s also making live sessions with a 100% hardware setup. [email protected] Nhar Discography * 2004 – 22 Crew – Rikarbi?re Ep – Modelisme Records ...

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