Non Phixion

NON PHIXION (pronounced non-fiction) was a hardcore hip-hop group formed in 1995 in Brooklyn, New York. It consisted of three MCs — Ill Bill, Sabac Red, and Goretex — plus DJ Eclipse. Ill Bill and Goretex are considered to be along with a few other key figures responsible for orchestrating the booming and highly popular Underground Rap scene in New York City in the early nineties. The group was originally formed in 1995 by Ill Bill and MC Serch of 3rd Bass fame after many years of Bill, Goretex and Necro working together as a unit after growing up together in Glenwood Projects, which is located in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Ill Bill and Necro's short lived New Minority was a stepping stone for them as a rap act after disbanding their thrash metal band Injustice who had opened up for such popular thrash and death metal bands such as Sepultura, Obituary and Napalm Death. Ill Bill and Goretex's The Dead Celebrities was their next musical entity, which ran from 1992-1993 and can be found on Ill Bill's Early Years cd's as well as Necro's. Their second offering, the extreme Department Of Forensics which was active from 1993-1995 and also had featured producer 10K who went on to do early production for Non Phixion, was an experimental hardcore rap outfit combining horror elements with urban realism sounding like a cross between N.W.A and The Geto Boys on L.S.D. After Ill Bill having a meeting with MC Serch, who was in his own words Looking to form an all white group of MC's that rival...

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