Perfect Stranger

There are 3 artists/bands thats been using the name Perfect Stranger: psy trance producer Yuli Fershtat, country music group from Texas, US, and metal band from Sweden. 1. Perfect Stranger is Yuli Fershtat, born 1970 also well known under the guise of BLT. He is a musician and a graduate in Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy. In Yuli's resume there are 4 full length artist albums and quite a few single tracks released on numerous compilations and EP's in Israel and around the world the last few years. Yuli DJ's on a weekly basis in most of the Israeli trance outfits and is also performing successfully abroad. The project Perfect Stranger presents a progressive Dance music approach, with a comfortable pace, keeping it highly psychedelic, tribal, athmospheric and challenging. Perfect Stranger's fat and deep sound is designed to fit outside venues as much as to kick ass in a club surroundings. 2. With an unique lineup, signature sound and brand-new album, Perfect Stranger is remaining anything but silent. The band’s two accomplished lead singer/songwriters and dueling lead guitars produces a look and sound that is stretching boundaries and making lots of noise in the Texas music scene. Originally founded in 1986 in Carthage, Texas by Shayne Morrison and Richard Raines, Perfect Stranger signed with Nashville’s Curb Records in 1995 and released “You Have the Right to Remain Silent”. In 1997, Perfect Stranger was nominated for new group of the year by the Academy of Country ...

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