Ricardo Villalobos

From his early childhood Ricardo Villalobos loved to travel and today he plays his music around the globe. Brown from the sun, and with a four-day beard ... Ricardo Villalobos has a certain aura and personality about him that is incredibly quiet, friendly and positive, and he likes to convey this to the public. Born in Chile, to a Chilean father and German mother following the Chilean Coup of 1973 that placed dictator Pinochet in power, he moved to Germany. His parents worked at the airport in Frankfurt, so Ricardo was accustomed to travelling from a young age. Music was incredibly important to him as he initially progressed from salsa and South American folk to his father's rock and pop albums such as Swedish pop group ABBA. His father was a role model to him and a mentor, especially as far as music was concerned. Indeed it was him who introduced Ricardo to electronic artists such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Both Ricardo and his father liked to listen to their music loudly and they both truly appreciated it, despite Ricardo's mother who was irritated by the volume that they listened to music. Chilean family friends knew an agent who organized concerts and live performances, and taught the young Ricardo to play the drums. He soon got his first conga drum and became fascinated with it and the rhythms he could create way before he started going to clubs and producing and DJ'ing. It was from this deep feeling for rhythm that seized Ricardo's attention him from a you...

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