Born and raised in the Chicago area, Roshan has been exposed to a wide spectrum of music since an early age. From growing up to his dad's eclectic record collection during childhood, taping mix shows off the radio throughout grade school, playing saxophone in the school jazz band, to hearing the sounds of cajual at school functions and raves in the city, Roshan's musical interests and tastes grew over the years. However, house music seemed to captivate his attention the most over anything else he heard. Wanting to pursue his interests in house music further, Roshan obtained his first set of turntables towards the end of high school from a family friend who recently gave up DJing. He spent hours practicing daily, studying mixtapes, and going over previously recorded sets to improve upon his abilities. After 2 years of being strictly a bedroom jock, he played his first gig at a small house party in Ann Arbor, MI where he was currently attending college. Impressing the crowd there, he went on to perform at more events around the area, which eventually led him to DJ gigs in Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, and LA, and opening for acts such as Kevin Saunderson, Afrika Bambaataa, Timo Maas, Johnny Fiasco, Disco D, Bahamadia, and Shy FX. As the years went on, Roshan found it increasingly difficult to find records that he enjoyed, which made him lean towards the idea of getting into production. After finishing up college, he attended Chris Lum's emc^2 program at Moulton St...

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