Andrys's primary interests are chamber music with others in the San Francisco Bay Area and travel photography anywhere. See for the tracks no longer hosted at this site after the last merger. NOTES ON THE VIRTUAL ALBUM A Piano for Quieter Times - Andrys Basten Some favorite and also less-known classical works for piano, non-virtuoso and more reflective. What they have in common, besides the beauty of the writing, is a nocturnal quality, dream-like in mood. Interesting inner-voice writing, gorgeous melodies, and some unexpected progressions are key elements of these pieces that have been enjoyed by 150 to 200 years of listeners. Chopin's metronome marking for Nocturne No. 8 in Db is an example. The interpretation's an exploration of Chopin's indicated tempo, while not even up to that speed but somewhere in between the usual slower tempo and the marking given. This Nocturne cut was used in a short-film entry that is a homage to silent-movie style, at the Cardiff Screen Festival Nov 2005. Descriptions and explanations for choices made in this music can be seen below. Please feel free to contact andrys {at} if you have any questions. TRACK DESCRIPTIONS - In COMPOSER (ALPHA) ORDER ++++++++ Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (i) This slow movement is so well known that we can forget how beautiful it is. Some will remember viewing the film in which Neeson's 'Beethoven' is shown with ear to piano due to declining ability to hear the b...

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