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Angela Chibalonza Runiga was born on November 26, 1976 in Bukavu, eastern Congo-Kinshasa. She enjoyed music right from childhood. After completing secondary school in 1996, Chibalonza moved to Kenya the following year in what she described as her responce to a call from God to serve Him in the 35-million East African nation and also to pursue her music career. Though she had sang in the choir and even rose to choir leadership since 1992 when she got saved aged 15 years, Chibalonza had not recorded any music in her native Congo. Thus her travel to Nairobi to embark on a music career was appreciated and encouraged by her Christian parents and 10 siblings. In Kenya, the budding musician released her maiden album, Nikuabudu. She followed it up with Jina la Yesu the following year, in 1998. In 1999, she released Mwisho wa Dunia and thereafter Ninapotembea. Angela's popular albums sold well across the Kiswahili-speaking eastern and central Africa. She endeared herself and warmed her way into the hearts of hundreds of music lovers - even among those that do not profess Christianity - in her rich vocals that she delivered through live performances in churches and at open-air public Christian meetings. Her music albums have sold in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and in other parts of the world where Kiswahili, Lingala and French are spoken. I am famous in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Congo but I have no money to show for it. I am content serving God, Ch...

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