ANHEDONIA “It?s coming to swallow us all...” A Hole In the Sky – Anhedonia GENRE: POST – DOOM MEMBERS: Juan Carlos Cuevas “JC” – Vocals Erick Sol?s – Guitar and backing vocals Jorge Hill – Keyboards Marco Ju?rez “Blas” - Bass Adrian Caloca – Drums THE CONCEPT The word Anhedonia comes from the greek roots “A-” (Without, negation) and “Hedone” (Pleasure, delight). It describes the loss or disability to experience pleasure from events, actions or relationships, from everyday things to the extraordinary. The word is usually used in clinical psychological and psychiatric language to describe a symptom that appears in schizophrenia and depressions, leaving the patient with a sense of absolute despair. In the band, the term is used to describe what the lyrics and music want to express, evolving at times from a visual symbol to a conceptual one: the solitude of a mind turned into a barren cracked waste that extends endlessly into a dark horizon, an old abandoned lighthouse being hammered by giant waves of a gray turbulent sea, a changing maze without exit, a hollow and moist old house peeling and crumbling away; all of these and more, visual landscapes that appear in Anhedonia?s design concept and lyrics, serving as settings for music and words that try to express, without the abuse of emotion or losing ground, some disturbing aspects of everyday life, relationships, loneliness, guilt, despair, melancholy, the absurd of some social conven...

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