Maria writes in her own words and has not followed any genre in her recordings. She has her own unique style, by producing, composing, arranging her own music, and is a one man/woman band. Creating her music by the new form of music production, the labtop musician, she blends her ambience with hardcore synths, getting close to the sound of house/rave/techno and with a touch of goth and acoustic style in between. She grew up in the industrial city of Bradford and in the seventies and eighties, and that period influenced her music today. This period in her life was overwrought by poverty, the recession, unemployment and the music she listened to were bands such as Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode and other Eighties electronic music. Also, her father was a collector of vinyls in all kinds of tastes, The Who, Genesis, Deep Purple, Jean Michel Jarre, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and many many more. In the nineties was more unemployment and being a single parent, life became a humdrum and not the best of times in the most notorius of the Bradford council estate, Allerton, yes, a chav would you beleive it. There was the rave scene, Prodigy was the music for and the death of Kurt Kobain and the Nirvana scene also influenced her. All her thoughts were written down in lyric form, and not sure how to put it to music, life still became humdrum. She went to college to study music and music production and it seemed there was more to life. Now living in Leeds and has moved ...

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