a spoon called phranc play music because it is a lot of fun. they like their guitars loud and distortioned and prefer naughty words. they have been told to appear authentic and are highly recommandable live. A Spoon Called Phranc are two girls who took a seat in 2002 to banish loud lo-fi bulk on a 4 track. With any instument available two albums established, containing catchy handmade out-of-tune songs. After some time artificial drums were added, turning the shit more into direction disco. Shows on the Ladyfest Berlin, a short tour through Germany, Poland and Czech Republic and a concert on the Silver Rocket Summer 666 Festival in Czech Rebublic (where the prague drummer from the band l'Point was adopted) followed. ASCP joined compilations of the dutch labels „Living Room Records“ and „Delirious Riot Tapes“, as well as of the czech Zivel Magazin. The cooperation with the electro-boys of Sporto fused Powerpop with Gaytunes. The sound of ASCP could be described as a mixture of Oldschool Punk, Lo-Fi Pop, Discopunk and Rock. Screaming, singing „sth. for the eye“ and dirty lyrics. Le Tigre, Sebadoh, Against Me!. That´s Spoons. Shared the stage with: Ememvoodoopöka, deti deste, Stattmatratzen, Kackala, Deverova Chyba, Anyway etc. Releases: - happy songs lift sad moods (CD-R, ugly dog records 2002) - maybe she got lost on the way, I haven't seen her for weeks (CD-R, Ugly Dog Records 2003) - V.A.- postcards compilation (CD-R, Living room records, ugly dog record...

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