Assortedpeople History Early in our youth, my brother and I played in different bands. Mostly Rock, Southern Rock or Progressive Rock groups. As for most of us, family obligations and getting a real job stopped the dream dead in it's tracks for us. However, the drive and the desire to write and record music has never left us. My brother Hans's role with assortedpeople: bass, drums, guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboard, lyrics and arranging. My role with assortedpeople: Lead and rythem guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards, arrangements, production and mixing. Lee Sommers(Name de la stage)has been playing guitar since right about when they invented it...I think he played the first rock guitar - in that it was made from rock as in a caveman built it. Hans Von Bous(name de la bullshitta es la staga)Has been playing several instruments. For years we have played music together and have written hundreds of songs. They would sometimes be the entertainment at family get togethers, etc...Lee being the elder brother had musical experience first and was an inspiration to his younger brother, Hans. Lee played in a band called Mountain Ash and jammed guitar at home sometimes, playing the acoustic and singing John Denver and such, Hans joined in with harmonies and started playing drums on a banjo skin. Later the kit grew to paint cans, bass drums, snares, and other household percussion objects.Lee's guitar playing talent progressed and Hans picked up other instruments along t...

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