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Bam Bam Sound is the acceptable public face of DJ duo Duck and Johnny Clash, a two headed Ragamuffin Junglist B-Boy Punk-Rock Rave Monster of ill repute. Johnny Clash served in the ska-punk trenches for the duration of the nineties as Dan, singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, touring incessantly on 3 continents and making absolutely no money. Since trading in his Les Paul for two 1210's, he's been witnessed in a number of seedy locales rinsing out reggae riddims on 7, along with a variety of other musical biscuits. He still isn't making any money. Duck started out as a DJ at the tender age of sixteen with a free party crew known as Commonground, which threw outdoor events in the Sussex countryside for four years until the man came and made them stop. Moving indoors to avoid both the man and the weather, the next few years saw Commonground put on events in London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Brighton including some legendary (and messy) New Years Eve gigs at The Escape club on Brighton seafront. After promoting deep funk club Cissy Strut in Leeds with a few other hopeless reprobates, Duck eventually flew South to London a couple of years ago, met Mr. Clash, and the rest is as they say, history. Duck isn't making any money either, although he does quite like his day job. Bam Bam Sound have recently rocked houses and fields in Oxford, London and Goa, as well as appearing at The Big Chill Festival and monthly at The Big Chill Bar, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, London. Listen ...

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