My name is Jimmy Smith. I have been reformed to represent and speak for the creature known on Earth as the bananaSLOTH. The SLoth does not speak to anyone human. I have been allowed to speak for this creature. I will convey messages to the Sloth for the Sloth does not read Myspace. The sloth has made a few recordings without the aid of our ancient technology. Mostly through the manipulation of psychic energies and zombie energies of the past. The sloth has made a collection of environments to be collected and released on Subconscious Communications in 2008. The SLoth was discovered in 2004 in the southern USA by Otto Von Schirach. when the Sloth followed him from show to show stalking Otto and his sound. To this day he still has not officially spoken with the sloth, but battles the sloth in sound spectrum sonic deathray jousts nightly in Ottos show. Otto still claims he has no idea who the Sloth is or where the sloth came from. Ironically Sloth and Otto have collaborated in a few rare recordings to be made available in 2008 called Zombie Battle. all recorded live and by chance. This track on Myspace was recorded by subconscious studios engineers while the sloth visited and made a psychic connection into cEvin Keys serge panels with his sloth pole synth energy extractor. The studio was full of smoke and dancing elves.. It was captured on tape, and thus allowed to be presented here with Firepath. cEvin Key vouches that the energies are emitting all types of controller/data info...

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