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Formerly known as Thee L.A. Gentlemen Callers, We are BARRIO TIGER!!! Rock and Roll is our gimmick and our lineup on any given night may include former or current members of Qui, The Hangmen, The Starvations, or even Guzzard. The following is a partial list of bands we've played with that we like: The Circle Jerks, 400 Blows, Young Heart Attack, Immortal Lee County Killers, Sirhan Sirhan, Tsk Tsk, Nantucket Suicide, Burning Brides, Moonrats, Distortion Felix, The Pity Party, The Starlite Desperation, Viva K, Fortune´s Flesh, The Stitches, The Heartaches, The Widows, Vagrant Vinny and the Instigators, Crystal Antlers, The Red Onions, The Makes Nice, Qui, Monsters Are Waiting, Horses, Wiskey Biscuit, The Ravens, Mosquito Bandito, Boll Weevil, The Checkers, Shakey Mallard, Buffy Swayze, Jessie Deluxe, Downtown/Union, Poor People, Gwilly, Austera. With influences ranging from the song craft of Paul Weller, Robert Pollard, and Uncle Tupelo to the bombast of Jawbreaker and Dinosaur Jr., BARRIO TIGER carry the torch of rock and roll with beer soaked intensity not felt since the days when the Replacements stole your heart. The Tiger's newest effort, a 5 song e.p entitled The Kindness Of Strangers was recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, IL and produced by Manny Nieto, known to those in the know as frontman for the mighty Distortion Felix. Manny has recorded Mars Volta, the Breeders, Darker My Love, among a big roster of great L.A. bands. It was mastered by...

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