between the cities are stars

Noisy Fuzzed-out Spacerock from the middle of California, made up of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. If you listen to Between the Cities Are Stars’ songs at a low volume, you’ll only hear drum-accented white noise. That’s because, like so many other sonic annihilators, their music is best appreciated at louder volumes. Recently, I received Between the Cities Are Stars’ four-song EP, which is more of a four act play about a high-speed escape from the apocalypse than a handful of tracks. Tucked among the feedback frenzy thrive furious rock ‘n’ roll songs radiating static shock waves to the rhythm of relentless cymbal crashes. Imagine throwing a drum set down a flight of stairs, turning the gain on your amp all the way up, leaning your guitar pickupsfirst against the speaker cab, and singing a grim little incantation while mortar shells whistle down all around you, and only then will you barely begin to understand the chaotic destruction of which this California trio is capable. Not to mislead you, Between the Cities Are Stars pull off their destruction with calculated finesse and attention to tone. “Miss West”, a song written during a penniless summer in L.A., explores a slower, calmer side of sonic rock… at least, as calm and slow as these aggro-rockers are willing to get. Between the Cities Are Stars identify themselves as “noisy, fuzzed-out, space rock”, and with good reason. Their loud, shrieking, guitar-driven music Read more on Us...

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