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Canadian-born live wire Bekki “Bex” Cait is no novice to the stage, she’s been fronting rock bands for years. While often compared to artists like No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani and Paramore’s Hayley Williams, this 27 year-old also exudes hints of more classic influences such as Carol King, ABBA, and her personal favorite, Freddy Mercury. Bex is a highbrow lyricist’s who sings her words with obvious conviction, making the moods of her songs absolutely contagious. “I think the key is honesty,” she comments, “I think you need to stand up there, candidly, and share something genuine about yourself, your experience… When it’s real, it shows on your face and you can hear it in your voice. This perspective on songwriting is refreshing to say the least. Since highschool, Bex has been writing and performing in ska influenced pop-punk bands. She’s toured Canada, played hundreds of shows, and co-produced her bands’ albums. “We had such an amazing time, but when you’re a part of a ska/punk scene, you have to be careful not to become pigeonholed. We took a lot of crap for being too one-thing-or-another.” Now, she has no problems making her own music, her way. “I found my brother’s Skid Row tape when I was little, and played “Youth Gone Wild” over and over again while I just lost control, singing and flailing about!” she laughs. “Within that same day I would sing and dance to Madonna, and then growl out some Janis Joplin or Carol King! Whatever I cou...

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