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Bidhan Shrestha, born in a small town of Ineruwa, Sunsari on 7th of Kartik 2031 is one of the most renowned singers of this time. He started his career with a power love ballad Jalan which showed his powerful vocal skill and took the music scene by storm. From this point onwards he hasn't looked back. It seems like every single he drops on the television hits the charts. Growing up in a musical family, he started singing at a very early age. He took vocal classes from one the music greats Mr. Amar Gurung. And the key to his strong vocal strength, he says is his hard work and dedication. He says that he works his vocal cords with the rags every morning for about two hours. Which not freshens him up but makes his voice stable and more powerful. Not only his voice but his lyrics are also powerful. Most songs written by his dad (who not only writes songs but who himself sings) has such power to it that not only a musical mind but anyone who's anyone can feel it deep within him. From patriotism to love ballad, all his songs are nested in such a way that one simply cannot resist listen to. Till now he has released four albums, Jatra Hadi Gauma, Jalan, Purano Maya, and Best of Bidhan. And all his album has hit singles. Some to name are Jalan, Jatra Hadi Gauma, Soltini Bhani Bolako, Aja Nachi Meri Gauri, Gyan Bhadur Choro and the list continues. If I keep writing I would be writing all the songs of his album. So, it's better to say 'and the list continues'. He's currently working in...

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