bloodthirsty butchers

Bloodthirsty Butchers were a Japanese rock band formed in 1987 consisting of Yoshimura Hideki, Imoriya Takeshi, Komatsu Masahiro, and Tabuchi Hisako. Formed by high school classmates Yoshimura and Imoriya, Komatsu joined the group when the original drummer left shortly after the band's formation. After finding acclaim in the Sapporo punk scene, the band left for Tokyo along with many others in search of greater success. Their first three albums were characterized by Yoshimura's haphazard guitar playing, aggressive shouting and expansive, wandering song structures. The group attracted the attention of foreign acts such as Fugazi and Rage Against The Machine, and played several shows in the US around Olympia, Washington and Los Angeles as well as releasing a split EP with Rocket from the Crypt. Their 1996 release Kocorono showed the band evolving into a more nuanced style of alternative rock, and attracted widespread critical acclaim. With the release of Mikansei in 1999, Bloodthirsty Butchers became established as one of the Japanese indie scene's most important acts along with artists such as Eastern Youth and Number Girl, despite a lack of commercial success. On the 2001 album Yamane, the Butchers explored more melancholic sounds and extended songs showcasing the group's improvisational abilities. 2003's album Kouya ni Okeru Bloodthirsty Butchers featured collaborations with former Number Girl members Mukai Shutoku, Ahito Inazawa, and Tabuchi Hisako. Yoshimura inv...

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